“Well that’s the first time I’ve seen you in front of an audience. You are a natural. Totally connected to the audience, and clear, and compelling. You lifted the energy in the last (sleepy) hour of the 2 day event. A win.”

Jon Ward


“Josh, you killed it tonight — great work. You have a real knack for connecting with an audience.

I really appreciate how open you are with sharing your knowledge.”

Tom Trush


“I want to thank you again for talking to the Be-A-Leader Foundation: Senior Boot Camp. Your story is truly inspirational. What did I learn about it, you may ask? It is simple. Stop talking and do something.”


“Hey Josh, first of all I just want to say that I was inspired with your story, and your success at a young age. You truly make me believe that with hard work and perseverance, success will come.”
– Michael Bastani